Prices start from £350m2 (excl. VAT).  Cut to size.
Please call the office for further details:

0208 8711191

Blue Onyx polished block 7534, 3100x1700x20mm,
£2,250m2 exc VAT - cut to size,
or £1,400m2 exc VAT – wholesale – to take away to be fabricated elsewhere)

Calacatta Oro polished 20mm 4 x2,980x1,750 and 1 x2,520x1,750mm (20m2)

Carrara C Extra polished, 3 blocks

Block PM20105, 3,200x1,450x20mm, 16 slabs (74m2)
Block PM20302 , 3,170x1,780x20mm, 29 slabs (163m2)
Block PM20354, 3,200x1,400x20mm, 38 slabs (170m2)

15 slabs Carrara C 30mm block 910m 296x155x3cm

13 slabs Calacatta Oro 20mm block 733M ranging in size 130 to 200 x 150 to 165cm x 2cm

6 slabs Statuaria Extra 30mm block 1002M 280x150cm x 3cm

8 x Statuaria Venato block 38915 2960x1800 (7 slabs), 2960x1300 (1 slab) 

Calacatta Extra block 58316 6x2,350x1,500x20mm

Calacatta Oro Extra block 14327 26x3100x1500x20mm

Statuaria Extra block 15314, 51 slabs x 2,450 x 1,350 reducing to 1,100mm

Rosa Tea polished 2380x1400x20mm 
10.5 Slabs, 35m2 available 

Moncervetto polished marble 6 x slabs, 2950x1450x20mm

Fireplace surround, Supina limestone square design, 1290mm wide, 1128mm high x 190mm deep.
Each leg is 160mm wide across and 190mm deep.
£550 exc VAT

Marble Dining Table
Calacatta Oro marble honed 2380x1100x20mm
Trough for storage with lid
Oiled Walnut base with brass detailing
Overall height 765mm
£7,950 exc VAT

White ceramic sink 530x410x120mm

Black marble sink 530x410x120mm