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89m2 Arabescato Vagli 20mm block 81-2343, size 3070x1940mm, 15 slabs £POA

125m2 Calacatta Michelangelo 20mm, block 81-2310, size 2850x1700mm 26 slabs, £POA

76m2, 16 x slabs Statuaria DM067 240 to 265 x 195 x2cm £POA

28m2, 9 x slabs Calacatta dm068 235x135x2cm £POA

161m2, 27 x slabs Calacatta Vendom 1373M 315x190x2cm, £POA

80m2 Arabescato Vagli polished 20mm block 1231M, size 3060x1900mm
cut to size £800m2 exc VAT, 19 slabs book matched

12m2 10 slabs Statuarietto 3000x1800x20mm block pm20440
£POA m2 exc VAT

91m2 16 slabs Carrara Campanili C 3000x1900x30mm block 20519
£POA m2 exc VAT

54m2 (11 slabs) Statuaria Extra block 1185M size 2650x1900x20mm
£POA m2 exc VAT

57m2 Statuaria 20mm polished block 1019m, 2000x1550x20mm, 19 x slabs)

20m2 Calacatta Oro 20mm block 733M ranging in size 1300 to 2000 x 1500 to 1650mm x 20mm, 8 x slabs

250m2 Carrara block Pm 20439 , 2,900x1,650x20mm
£450m2 exc VAT cut to size

60m2 Bianco Carrara C Extra 20mm polished block 8267, 2700x1800x30mm, 12 x slabs

84m2 Moncervetto marble polished 3,100x1,600x20mm block 820m
£450m2 exc VAT cut to size

Statuaria Venato polished tiles 25.5m2 305x305x10mm

£3,500 exc VAT

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