Surface or face finishes

We can supply stone in a variety of finishes.  Limestone commonly has a honed finished, as most limestones don't take a polish due to their soft nature.  Some harder limestones and most marbles and granites can take a polish.  Travertines are available either filled or unfilled and honed or polished.

Rougher finishes are also available.  An Antiqued or Brossato finish is achieved by sand blasting and brushing the stone and gives anti slip qualities making this finish ideal for external flooring. A split faced finish (chiselled away) or rock finished (sawn and chiselled) can be very distinctive when used in wall cladding.

Examples of rough
finishes for flooring are flamed granite, sand blasted and/or brushed limestone and marble.  Tumbled stones are available, often in travertine and limestone, which give an antiqued hand carved appearance.

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