Natural Stone Steps and Staircases are a distinctive feature of many of the finest properties.  Marble City have fitted external and internal stone steps and marble staircases in hundreds of properties in Central London and further afield over the years.

We offer a full in-house service:

  • Stone selection advice in relation to design and application
  • Free estimates
  • Sourcing of a wide variety of stone
  • Templating and measurement of the stone steps or staircases by our experienced stone masons
  • Production of the steps or staircase using computer-controlled machinery and skilled stone masons for high quality finishes
  • Installation of the steps or staircase by our experienced and highly skilled teams of fitting stone masons

Marble and stone steps and staircases can, if required, be fitted in anti-slip textured stones or with anti-slip brass, chrome or rubber strips incorporated to provide extra grip to the users of the steps.

We always ensure that the client has been correctly advised about the building preparation and waterproofing requirements of any of our stone steps and staircase installations prior to installation.

We stand by the quality of our work and have built our reputation on 30 years of customer satisfaction.

Portland Stone (a limestone) and York Stone (a sandstone) are traditionally used for the external stone steps at the entrances to many of London's listed townhouses.  We also offer a further choice of stone steps in a number of other Limestone and Sandstone materials.  Marble and Granite are also popularly used for stone steps at the entrances to properties in London and further afield.

For marble staircases there is a wide choice of materials and finishes available and mosaic or water jet cut marble inlay and stone inlay designs can be incorporated into stone landings or flooring, using our in-house computer-controlled machinery.