Slate is a metamorphic rock derived from a shale type sedimentary rock composed of clay or volcanic matter.  We recommend it for fire hearths, kitchen and bathroom floors as well as wall cladding.

We stock Italian Black slate in a honed finish 20mm thick in pre cut pieces measuring 1,853 x 600mm.  These pieces make smaller jobs, such as fire hearths, very economical.  We also stock larger slabs of black and green slate in both honed and natural cleft finishes.  We stock Brazilian Black Slate and Montauk Green Slate in natural cleft finish as well as calibrated slate tiles in 400x400x10mm.  We can source many other types of slates including all British types at very short notice.

While we hope you find these sample images useful in making an initial selection we must emphasise that there is no substitute for inspecting physical samples in person to appreciate the colour and texture of materials.  We would encourage you to visit our London showroom to see the wide selection of stone available.