We have 30 years' experience of producing and fitting high quality stone kitchen countertops for properties in Central London and further afield for designers, builders, developers and private individuals.

We stand by the quality of our work and have built our reputation on 30 years of customer satisfaction.

We offer a full and totally in-house service:-
  • Stone selection advice
  • Free estimates prior to any commitment
  • Sourcing of a very wide variety of stone
  • Templating and measurement of the kitchen worktops by our experienced stone masons
  • Production of the worktops using computer-controlled machinery for high quality finishes
  • Installation of the worktops by our experienced and highly skilled teams of stone masons

As we do everything in-house, we can achieve a swift turnaround and can normally measure, source, manufacture and install your stone countertops within 14 days of the order placement.

Granite and man made Quartz Composite Stone are the most popular choices of stone for Kitchen Countertops because of their durability.  These stones are dense and hard stones with a low porosity, making them ideal for the kitchen environment.

For the more adventurous we have produced and fitted Marble, Travertine, Limestone and Slate Kitchen Countertops.  These materials produce stunning Kitchen Worktops but in the kitchen environment they are higher maintenance due to the nature of these materials.

Using our computer-controlled CNC machinery we can incorporate beautifully finished Drainer Grooves, precision cut and Polished Sink cut-outs, Sunken Drainer / Wash Planes, Sloping Drainer Planes and precision polishing of worktop and splashback edges.

Stone Kitchen Countertops are generally manufactured from 20 or 30mm thick slabs.  We recommend 30mm thick worktops in most cases.  However, kitchen countertops can be manufactured to give visible edge thicknesses of whatever the client desires, through the fabrication of Mitred or Planted Edge Details.  Alternatively, special orders for thicker slabs of 40 or 50mm, for example, can be placed for those who would prefer to see that thickness showing through on the sink cut-outs, as well as the edges.

We can produce a wide variety of Kitchen Countertop Edges or Profiles from classic straight or pencil edges to bull noses, chamfers, bevels, lamb's tongue, ogee, reverse shark's nose and other specially ordered edge finishes.